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EXTRA Masters of Sloyd | Harald Lamon about his new book Heart for Wood

12-04-2023 om 20:30 t/m 22:00

Harald Lamon, the well know spoon carving teacher and craftsman from Belgium has just presented his new Dutch book called Hart voor Hout, which translates into something like Heart for Wood or Love of Wood. In this book Harald offers a wealth of practical knowledge and also a truly inspiring vision on the connecting power of crafts.

Although his book is not yet in translation, I am delighted that for the Masters of Sloyd, Harald agreed to present his book in English so that you can get a sneak preview of things that might be coming to a book store near you in the future!

In his book, Harald covers many green wood carving projects, ranging from simple to more advanced:

  • Coat hangers from branches
  • Candle holders
  • Spoon carving
  • Kuksas
  • Shrink pots

He also talks about several skills, like decorating and sharpening, to conclude with his take on the importance and benefits of crafts in general. We will use the webinar to leaf through his book and talk about the highlights, answer your questions and maybe share some knowledge that didn’t make it into the book.

Click you want to read my book review in Dutch or in English.

About Harald Lamon

Harald is a well know craftsman from the city of Bruges in Belgium. He is founder of Lepelhuis and he is a full time teacher and craftsman. He is involved in many crafts related activities, gives courses in carving, is founder of the Bruges spoon club and also co-founder of the Belgian spoon fest.

Masters of Sloyd

Masters of Sloyd is a webinar series in which makers talk about their craft online via Zoom. Masters of Sloyd arose from my own interest in learning more about traditional crafts and the people who still practice them today. I like to help spread that knowledge in the modern world, because I believe that these crafts can bring contemporary people, the products they use and nature closer together.

How to participate

The speakers during Masters of Sloyd give their presentations free of charge and participation is free for everyone. If you want to participate, sign up below! Please note; this webinar will be in English but the book is only available in Dutch!


20:30 t/m 22:00
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Webinar via Zoom. Taal: Engels.


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