Masters of Sloyd 2023-2024

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Are you looking for a fun activity for the long winter evenings? Are you interested in old crafts and looking for some extra inspiration? Then there is good news: the free webinar series Masters of Sloyd is starting again and the first webinar will be on Thursday evening the 9th of November!

Masters of Sloyd is a webinar series in which well-known makers from the Netherlands and abroad share their knowledge and passion about their craft. Every other week, on Thursday evenings, they present their craft online, give demonstrations and answer questions.


Many spoon carvers and fresh wood workers participate as speakers, but in previous seasons there were also masters who talked about broom binding, making clogs, building midwinter horns, fan birds, tools, materials, techniques and other crafts.

In the previous editions, 27 masters from all over the world have given webinars to more than 750 participants who also came from all over the world! The line up for this season has been put together. You will find it on this website’s kalander. You can now register for the webinars for free.

This series speakers

  • 9-11-2023: Jan Harm ter Brugge | The Swedish Porridge Spoon | This webinar will be in Dutch
  • 30-11-2023: Sebastiaan Ungh | Making a Wooden Sheath for the Hook Knife | This webinar will be in English
  • 14-12-2023: Lee Stoffer | ‘Self Care’ for Carvers | This webinar will be in English
  • 11-1-2024: Emmet van Driesche | Becoming a professional carver | This webinar will be in English
  • 25-1-2024: Drawing Techniques for Kolrosing | This webinar will be in Dutch
  • 7-2-2024: Zed ‘Outdoors’ Shah| Marketing for Makers | This webinar will be in English | This webinar is on a Wednesday!
  • 29-2-2024: Gijs van Zonneveld | The Mystery of the Badger Spoon | This webinar will be in Dutch
  • 14-3-2024: Silke Lange | Spoons and Archaeology in the Low Lands | This webinar will be in Dutch
  • Extra: 28-3-2024 Carolina Smoorenburg | The Willem Barentsz Spoon | This webinar will be in Dutch

About Masters of Sloyd

Masters of Sloyd is a webinar series in which makers talk about their craft. The first series was held during the lockdown in early 2021. The second series and third series in the winters after that. Masters of Sloyd was born out of my personal interest in learning more about ancient crafts, the people who still practice them today and the need to spread that knowledge in the modern world. Because I believe that these original crafts can bring people and nature closer together again.

Participating is free!

The speakers do all this for free and participation is also free for you.

Sing up

The webinars are now posted in the calandar. There you can read about and sign-up for each webinar individually. To the webinars.