The making of

The wood: sourced locally and sustainably

I make my hand carved wooden spoons entirely from locally sourced fresh wood from sustainable sources. For instance: I use fruit wood from the pruning of orchards and birch and beech from windfall. Sometimes I also get some nice wood from park or garden maintenance. Or when a meaningful tree needs to be removed I make a nice wooden spoon or pendant for the owner to remember it by.

The tools I use: axe, slöjd knives and crooked knives

I carve my wooden spoons, butter knives and pendants with basic hand tools. I use a hand saw, a carving axe and several types of knives. All my products have a knife finish, because it leaves a nice, smooth, hand made look. So the only way I use sand paper is to sharpen my knives and axe.

Finishing and maintenance

A plant based oil is what I use to finish my products. Tung oil is my finish of preference. It is a drying oil that leaves a beautiful soft gloss finish. The maintenance of wooden spoons is easy: give them some love and every once in a while a thin coat of vegetable oil. And never, ever, put them in your dishwasher…