Masters of Sloyd – The free webinars are back!

Are you looking for a fun activity for the long winter evenings? Do you want to learn more about traditional crafts and be inspired to get started yourself? Then join one or more of the free webinars in the ‘Masters of Sloyd’ series!

Masters of Sloyd is a webinar in which makers share knowledge about their craft for free. Every other week well-known makers present their craft online on Thursday evenings, give demonstrations and answer questions.


Lots of spoon carvers and fresh wood carvers join in, but this time there are also webinars about fan birds, horn making and other crafts. In this third series, we welcome speakers from France, Sweden and the USA.

Masters of Sloyd – the speakers

  • December 1 – Jane Mickelborough about fan birds
  • December 15 – Lieuwe Jongsma about Urushi (in Du)
  • Januari 5 – Gijs van Zonneveld about finials (in Dutch)
  • Januari 19 – Jan Harm ter Brugge about making spoons from side branches
  • Februari 2 – Ron Eerdhuijsen about mid winter horns (in Dutch)
  • Februari 16 – Molly Sjöstam about relief carving
  • March 2 – Fred Livesay about knutkorgar
  • March 16 – Raleigh Klotzek about broom binding
  • April 6 – Sjors van der Meer about chair making (cancelled)
  • April 12 – Harald Lamon about his new book Hart voor Hout (Heart for Wood)

All webinars and their descriptions are listed in the calendar of this website. Some webinars are in English, some are in Dutch, but international visitors are welcome to all of them!

About Masters of Sloyd

Masters of Sloyd is a webinar series in which makers talk about their craft. The first series was held during lockdown in early 2021. Masters of Sloyd arose from my own interest in learning more about ancient crafts, the people who still practice them today and the need to spread that knowledge in the modern world. Because I believe that these original crafts can bring contemporary people and nature closer together.

Participation is free!

The speakers do this free of charge and participation is free. You just need to sign up. To keep it managable for me, I would like to ask you to register for each webinar separately. Do you want to be there? Then just sign up!